There ARE such things…

The horror movie is almost as old as the cinematographic camera itself. But in a world of evolving CG effects, elaborate set designs and cheaper means of production, its is sometimes easy to forget the pioneers of the genre, the ones who made the horror movie genre what it is today.

The Father of all horrors, Nosferatu

The Father of all horrors, Nosferatu

In this blog I will try to unwrap the mysteries that surround the early years of horror cinema. With the help of YouTube I will take you from the infernal boiling pot of imagination of the vaudeville artist and horror pioneer Georges Méliès, through the dante-esque nightmares of German expressionists and look through the eyes of Lon Chaney Sr, the Man of a Thousand Faces to the birth of cinema legends such as Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster and the Wolf Man. And to the stars and beyond. Clench your seats, ladies and gentlemen, because there ARE such things…