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YouTube is a virtual treasure chest for anyone who takes an interest in the history of horror films. By now, many old classics fall aunder the public domain, which is to say that no-one can claim any copyright issues. Thus, they can, and have been, be freely uploaded to sharing or streaming sites, of which YouTube is by far the most prominent.

By coincidence I found that by roaming YouTube, one can quickly and easily get quite a coherent picture of the history of early horror movies, as opposed to having to spend hours and hours of searching and downloading.

I have already created a playlist consisting of nearly 200 clips or full movies from 1896 to 1931, thereby covering the glorious days of silent horror cinema, and am in the process of compiling a second one from the early talkies, and intend to carry on until the films are no longer included in the public domain.

Since watching the whole playlist back to back might be a bit daunting, I created this blog to highlight certain videos and clips in a chronological order,  providing a bit of history and information along the way. In order to create an easy overview, I am using the category field on the right as a timeline.

I will be embedding clips from said playlist or where it concerns full movies, linking to them.

I might add that I am not an authority in the matter, just a movie lover writing for other movie lovers.

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